Board of Directors

In order to fully understand and create technical talent that meets the dynamic needs of industry we have a talented Board of Directors who review, modify and approve safety policies, course curriculum and fiscal resource allocation every October. Many of these board members also serve as mentors so they are not only well versed in the needs of industry, they also have first hand experience with what is going on in the classroom- so they really know whats working and what is not. These board members come from exceptionally diverse backgrounds and they are an all volunteer team. Some of these mentors live and work in other cities or states and have to travel great distances to be a part of our team.

(See the 2009 board meeting minutes shown below)

Our Board From Left to Right

Dan Sura -MIT Remote Operated Vehicle Consultant
Richard Fox - Spawar Computer Scientist
Cris Fitch - C Programmer and Japanese Teacher
Ralph Proud - Jet Propulsion Lab Engineer and Machinist
Diana Proud - SAIC Program Specialist
Noreen Rucinski - Engineering Consultancy President
Larry Sheldon - Machinist and Welder
Karl Wendt - Brand Manager, Industrial Designer and Teacher
Steve Latchman  - Naval Warfare Systems Engineer

OCT 28 2009 Board Meeting Minutes

Meeting Started at 4:50PM


What is ROP?

Regional Occupation Program through SDUSD for technical and career education that provides financial and development support through the program here at High Tech High Media Arts.

Program’s Progress
              Syllabus Review
Product 40%
              Process 30%
              Content 30%

Content roughly based on Project Lead the Way for POE (Principles of Engineering)

Junior Presentation – Beth Lacerra

Reverse Engineering
              Take apart already established technology while learning about the subcomponents of the technology (resistors, capacitors, etc.)

Simple Machines Toy Project
              One input, four outputs
              Design process, with refinement of ideas after each stage
Mockup -> Prototype -> Final Product

              Designed from scratch, no kits involved for this project.
              POE Guidelines as stated through Project Lead the Way are present in this project.


              Group of 2 as chosen by students
              Individual Compentencies
                            All students are held accountable for their work through content assessment and individual components.





Senior Presentation – Eric Harmatz and Jacob Harris


              MAS-E News Feed
                            News updates for the program posted there in real time, issued in press release format

              Hydrophoenix II – Triton

              MIT Collaborative project

              Land Project, the car

              Testing phase
              Autonomous car controlled through Arduino

              RESCUE Heli

              6 people, 6 components
              Only UAV project this semester




              4 inches is minimum length of material to be cut by power tools

              Cris recommended having an emergency contact for administration on file at all times for and for emergency contact info for all students (such as their doctors) and have it available for all adults and mentors in paper form (possibly in the first aid kid)

              Noreen recommended an emergency alarm to alert teachers, mentors in the event of an emergencies.



Ralph recommends teaching the students on how to find information, not necessarily know all information.

Diana recommended having all projects require a need for the information (content).Noreen recommended having 9th/10th graders take the course to give the Principles of Engineering and the content in the early years.

Karl stated that Reverse Engineering could possibly be handled through Freshman teachers based of of MAE’s lesson plans and protocols. Simple Machine toys could also be added to early years as well.

Noreen recommended amending the simple machine project to go further from wood, to metal. Reinventing or refurbishing simple things (product improvement)

Karl showed the Critical Project Sections document that follows the Project Lead the way methodology. Stressed “testing and refinement” phase.


Expenditures/Proposed Items

              ROP provides funding (about $2,000) to purchase capital equipment.

Laser Cutter not feasible

Metal Cutting Bandsaw

Vacuum Former

Protective Kit for Welder

Blade for Milling Machine

Trying to migrate to a woodless shop, so metal cutting bandsaw would be necessary.

Approved Wishlist

Vacuum Forming Machine
Metal Cutting Blades
Metal Milling Machine
Metal Bandsaw

All members voted yes on this wishlist.

Approval of Curriculum

All members voted yes on the approval of curriculum.

Meeting was adjorned at 6:08PM