Distinguished Alumni

Erik Anthony Landi,

Was born in Mountain View (Google country) California May, 1991. Erik
lived in the United States for 6th months before moving to Brindisi,
Italy where his father worked as an USAF contractor for GTE systems.
After living in Italy for 2 years, the Landi family moved once more to
town of Thetford, England in Norfolk county. While living in England,
Erik demonstrated his preaptitude for electronics by building models
with integrated LED's at the age of 5; Erik and his father also built
small programmable radios as a hobby.After a 7 year span the Landi
family moved again to their current home of San Diego California, by
this time Erik began building personal computers and administrating
the families home network. By the time Erik was of age he decided to
attend High Tech High Media Arts. Erik, excelled during his time in
high school achieving top marks in all of his classes; as a Jr., Erik
began his required internship at Peregrine Semiconductors working for
the RF design group, Erik was responsible for testing cell phone
microchips and designing test equipment. Once the internship
concluded, Erik was hired as a full time intern for the company and
still works there today. Today Erik attends the University of
California San Diego's Jacob's school of Engineering, where Erik
studies Electrical and Computer Engineering. Erik hopes to graduate
with an MSEE with a focus on Radio Frequencies, Analog and Digital
Circuts. After school has been completed Erik hopes to one day work
for a large Semiconductor firm creating Microprocessors.

Erik Landi
UCSD Electrical Engineering