Class of 2010 Seniors - Autobots Engineering Project 
Our Mission

Media Arts Engineering Department's mission is to provide students at High Tech High Media Arts the best possible project based learning experiences. MAE projects support the STEM education initiative due to a comprehensive focus on Science,Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Our AUTOBOTS Senior Project

This year the MAE seniors decided to create AUTOBOTS. Each project uses a computer and an array of senso
rs to respond to its enviroment in unique and creative ways. All of the unique projects are computer controlled and programmed by the students. There are five autonomous underwater projects, a CNC milling machine, two computer controlled RC cars and a helicopter. The students have taken each project through a comprehensive development process based on our Critical Project Sections document. The course is based on  6 A's of Project Based Learning. Check out the AUTOBOTS projects in detail at 1st Semester Senior Projects Page.

All of these students shown passed the final exam and over ninety percent of them recieved the Regional Occupational Program Excellence Award for excelling in academic achievement.


A HQ video DVD complete with detailed student explanations of each project is available for $10. All proceeds from the sale of these videos go to support the MAE program. You tube limits length to 10 minutes and size to 2GB and as a result this video is really just a sneak preview of the whole experience.
For more information please contact: karl@discover-create-advance.org