Ariel and Diana Build a Functional CNC Motion Control System

posted Nov 5, 2009, 10:14 AM by Unknown user

Media Arts Engineering CNC Router

After weeks of trouble shooting and wiring we ran the first fully functional test of our CNC (Computer numerically controlled) router today during class. We were at school late last night working on the issues that were holding back the successful test of  the functional motion control prototype.

I discovered that incorrect breakout board pin out connections were preventing the x and z axis stepper motors from functioning correctly.Today, after several attempts, the pin out connections were changed and the x,y,z motors began to function.

The next steps include creating the complete CNC machine including the router rack system and the material table. 

Please Note: The X&Z gantry, Y rails and motion control systems were built by MAE students and designed by: Patrick at  
The final table, wiring scheme, and cooling system was designed and built by MAE.  

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