Hydrophoenix II - Triton Group Members Announce and Present Prototype Completion

posted Nov 5, 2009, 10:13 AM by Unknown user

Hydrophoenix II- Triton Group Members

Announce and Present Prototype Completion

Eric Harmatz
Media Arts and Science Engineering Student

Jacob Harris, Paul Santillan, and Emilio Arteaga announce today the completion of their prototype for their Underwater Autonomous Vehicle (UAV).

Their motor controllers have been successfully programed allowing for direction and speed control of their motors and bilge pumps.  The group members worked around the clock to get this prototype finished, including coming into school on a staff day in order to finish by today.

The video to the left shows the motion of the motors and Bilge Pumps as well as a glimpse into the technical aspects of their craft.

Today, they gave a presentation to Rasheed Willis of NewMediaMill in Washington, D.C. for their video cast. After school today, they will be going to University of California, San Diego to get parts professionally cut by a laser cutter for their final model.

For more information about Hydrophoenix II - Triton, visit their Google Site at