MAE Fall 2009 Senior Engineering Exhibition: Autobots

posted Dec 16, 2009, 6:47 AM by Karl Wendt
This year the MAE seniors decided to create AUTOBOTS. Each project uses a computer and an array of sensors to respond to its enviroment in unique and creative ways. All of the projects are computer controlled. There are five autonomous underwater projects, a CNC milling machine, two computer controlled RC cars and a helicopter. The students have taken each project through a comprehensive development process based on our Critical Project Sections document. The course is based on  6 A's of Project Based Learning.
These projects would not have been possible without amazing support from
Industry and Private Donors
San Diego Seal and Gasket -Provided gaskets at no charge
SD Electronics - provided expertise
RMS Laser - laser cut our submersible frames
Goodrich Aerospace -primary industrial donor
The Rucinski Family -private donor
The Neighbors Family -private donor
The Office of Naval Research- industrial donor
District Officals ROP- San Diego's Regional Occupational Program
Ralph West, Lynn McConville, Bill Berggren - whose tireless support make our program possible
Our Mentors
Cris Fitch -Gives so much of his talent and time to our students at MAE
Richard Fox- Provides great ideas and resoures that keep out students in the know
Ralph Proud - Is instrumental in the CNC and Inductive Charging projects
Dan Sura -Has provided funding, expertise and awesome internship oppertunites
Steve Lachtman- Is the world's best AP physics tutor
Our School Admin
Robert Kuhl - Removes road blocks and is a fantastically supportive director
Dawn Wirts - Works hard to keep things runnning smoothly