MAE Students Complete Upgrades to The MAE CNC Mill

posted Apr 18, 2010, 12:01 PM by Karl Wendt

Early Project Description by: Kaory Hirata and Jeremy Shehen 

The final product will have it’s angles replaced. The angles the makers of the MAE’s CNC Router used were made out of aluminum; we want to replace them with steel angles because these are more crush resistant. We may replace the chains with lead screws to improve accuracy. 

The wires in the machine right now are mostly uncovered. They need protection from dust and also from wondering hands that might unplug them. Therefore a box will be placed around these wires. Also the hoses that cover the rest of the wires are hard and not flexible; so we will replace these hoses with more flexible ones.  

We also need to find a way for the hoses to hang freely from the ceiling to allow more mobility for the cutting head.  Making an “arm” attached to the table is one of the ideas, but we are not sure of this idea yet because of time issues.

We are adding a "clamping” system to the table. This system is intended to hold various material sizes. The idea is to attach 14 wood boards to the table, and leave spaces in between them so that bolts can slide through and "clamp" the piece being cut. The boards will be is 46In long by 6In. wide, with a thickness of 3/4In. The total of the boards is 28 because there will be a board underneath each one. We decided to have an extra piece under them because we want to be able to replace them every time necessary and still be able to tell where they go. So if we attach the bottom ones and only replace the top ones it should always be where it was intended originally. 

The original idea was to have only 7 boards over the table (since the table is 8ft. long), but through the process of the mock up we realized that the bolts wouldn't be able to get to many different spaces. So we decided to set up the boards across the width instead of the length  for better and more precise clamping.