MIT Selects Jake Neighbors for Prestigious Internship

posted Mar 1, 2010, 9:11 PM by Karl Wendt
Please join me in congratulating Jake Neighbors who is now the 2nd MIT summer intern to be selected from the MAE program. Jake was selected from a very competitive semi-finalist talent pool. He will be working with our very own Beth Lacarra at MIT in Massachusetts on innovations in underwater robotic vehicles during this summer.

Please also congratulate Kurt Newcomb who has been named as the alternate if Jake is unable to attend.
This tremendous opportunity has been made possible by support from Chryssostomos Chryssostomidis, Brandy Wilbur and Dan Sura at MIT -Thank you!

Get to Know Jake Neighbors

My name is Jake Neighbors and I am a senior at High Tech High Media Arts graduating this June, 2010.

I consider myself an engineer because I like researching the latest technology and thoroughly understanding how it works. I am a curious problem solver because I apply concepts I know how to make my project useful in many ways. I like to find new ways to make things work and explore in the inner workings of an electrical or mechanical marvel.

I owe all my computer programming skills to my Dad for buying me a $20 Game Maker 4 book back in the 6th grade. As I started to get more into creating games, I signed up for CyberCamps, a programming class for kids at UCSD. There I learned C++ for windows and BASIC for robotics. With the robotics course, I learned how to use some of the basic components such as LED's, resistors, capacitors. Realizing the potential behind this robot specifically the microprocessor, I experimented with different electronics at home.

In 9th grade I joined the FIRST Robotics Team. There I learned how to use sensors, tools, deadlines, and much more. I worked with other members on the team as well as venturing into the mechanical side every once in a while. Then in 11th grade I worked at SPAWAR as an academic intern under the unmanned systems branch. I tested robots and helped program a project named MOCU. After SPAWAR, I started working with Karl Wendt at MASEI (Media Arts Summer Engineering Institute) where I studied how to use the Arduino and the Atmel microprocessor along with underwater robotics.

The most exciting and challenging project for me was the R.E.S.C.U.E. HELI project in Karl Wendt's applied physics class. I programmed an autonomous helicopter to hover by itself. I also created a tutorial on C Programming for 11th and 12th graders to teach them the fundamentals of programming the Arduino.

It is an honor to have been chosen for this MIT Internship and look forward to an exciting summer studying underwater robots- Jake Neighbors

MIT Internship Semi-Finalists Spring 2010

Left to Right- Karl Wendt- Course Instructor, Kurt Newcomb, Deanna Fox, Jake Neighbors, Audrey Le, Paul Santilian, Madison McGaughy, Dan Sura- MIT Representative.