2009 MAS-E Board Of Directors Approves Curriculum, Spending & Safety Procedures

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Our Board From Left to Right

Dan Sura -MIT Remote Operated Vehicle Consultant
Richard Fox - Spawar Computer Scientist
Cris Fitch - C Programmer, Babel Fish CTO and Japanese Teacher
Ralph Proud - Jet Propulsion Lab Engineer and Journey Man Machinist
Diana Proud - SAIC Program Specialist
Noreen Rucinski - Engineering Consultancy President
Larry Sheldon - Machinist and Welder
Karl Wendt - Teacher and MAS-E Summer Institute Program Director
Steve Latchman  - Naval Warfare Systems Engineer
MAS-E Board Of Directors 2009
Approves Curriculum, Spending and Safety Procedures

In order to fully understand and create technical talent that meets the dynamic needs of industry we have a talented Board of Directors who review, modify and approve safety policies, course curriculum and fiscal resource allocation every October. Many of these board members also serve as mentors so they are not only well versed in the needs of industry, they also have first hand experience with what is going on in the classroom- so they really know whats working and what is not. These board members come from exceptionally diverse backgrounds and they are an all volunteer team. Some of these mentors live and work in other cities or states and have to travel great distances to be a part of our team.

(See the 2009 board meeting minutes shown below)

OCT 28 2009 Board Meeting Minutes