Honors Student Officers

Information Technology Officer
Organize and maintain the engineering server by downloading and organizing all relevant development photos and data files
Eric Harmatz

Web Presence Officer

Organize and maintain senior engineering website
Eric Harmatz

Shop Officer
Safety, Organization, Maintenance, Inventory and Tool Use   
Machines and Tools -Diana Barlow

Electronics Lab Officer
Safety, Organization, Maintenance, Inventory and Item Use   
Ali Sandoval

Financial Officer
Keep track of all receipts, produce monthly fiscal reports, document all expenditures 
Ariel Swingley

Publication Officer

Write News Stories, grammar check them and keep the feeds up to date

C Code Officer
Create tutorials for C programming and show other students how to create effective code
Jake Neighbors

CNC Officer
Manage the CNC machine, keep it well maintained and convert the solid works files to the best cut paths  using MACH 3 PRO