MAE Program Director & Instructor

Karl grew up in Northern California and East Tennessee. He spent a lot of time taking things apart and building things with his father. He was always interested in innovation and invention. As a young student he was often frustrated by the "one size fits all" approach to education.

While in industry Karl began to reflect on his educational experiences. He felt that he could make a bigger impact on the world by getting involved in education. He left his career as an Industrial Designer  to study education at Vanderbilt University. While completing his masters degree Karl discovered High Tech High. He is looking forward to making a difference and changing the world one student at a time. 

Karl's Current US Patents:

US Patent D517253

US Patent D473684

US Patent 7410228

US Patent 6595223

US Patent D474866

US Patent D481179

US Patent 488594

US Patent 0237,051

US Patent 6,827,225