MIT/MAE Scholars Program

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Top MAS-E Scholar Internship Details   July 12th-August 20th 2010

Paid Internship (travel expenses and stipend)
One student and one runner-up chosen from each


  Selected participants announced January 5th for Fall semester, February 25th for Spring semester
6 week duration

Goals of the MAS-E Scholar Internship at MIT

Further development of docking station

prototype and sensor integration for

HTHMA’s Phoenix AUV

  • Replication of Phoenix AUV for

demonstration of a complete system (AUV,

docking, and sensor)

  • Participation in field tests with MIT Sea Grant’s

Odyssey IV AUV offshore

MIT/MAS-E Selection Criteria
(All final selections will be made by representatives from MIT with only limited input from the engineering teacher at Media Arts)

  • Honor- Do you do what is right even when no one is watching?
  • Academic Achievement- Have you chosen challenging projects and excelled at the core engineering content in your course?
  • Self Motivation/Leadership-Are you able to work hard even when you are struggling with the concepts and are you able to lead and communicate well with others?
  • Creativity-Are you able to think of multiple ways to solve a problem? 
  • Problem Solving Ability-can you solve problems in several different ways using your own unique solutions?
  • Professionalism- Are you respectful? Do you show up on time? Are you always prepared?
  • Product Presentation- Have you clearly demonstrated an understanding of your product and course content and does this understanding show that you challenged yourself and grew from the difficulties you faced.

MIT/MAE Challenge and Internship Program