Our K-12 Partner Schools

We are constantly working to develop relationships with schools across the country and around the world in an effort to learn from other project based learning successes and methods, share information and pedagogy and provide support to individuals or schools interested project based learning programs. 

Our Simple Machine Projects at The Study in Montreal, Canada

Olivia Regimbal and Sarah Markarian: http://poohsbeehive.wordpress.com/

Hailey Elder and Leila Cattelan: http://bamboo207.wordpress.com/

Sabrina Mach and Laura Hallward: http://fishtankertoy.wordpress.com/

Felicia Belli and Patty Johnnson: http://greedygordy.wordpress.com/

Julia Facchino and Sonia Choi: http://juliaandsonia.wordpress.com/

Kate Mikula, Eleni Metrakos, Nina Darche-Bouchard: http://barrythebird.wordpress.com/

Areej and Madison: http://failwinsea.blogspot.com/

We are currently partnering with Sacred Hearts in Honolulu, HI