MASEI Scholars Program

MASEI- Media Arts Summer Engineering Institute
Juniors and Seniors with a B+ or better can apply to be in High Tech High's only UC accredited program. 

                                             MASEI Scholars from Summer 2009

Who is MAS-E for? MAS-E was created to provide a unique learning opportunity for students who have demonstrated a strong independent work ethic, leadership, an interest in engineering and have completed an engineering course at HTHMA with a B+ or greater average.  Please note: Due to space and resource constraints a maximum of ten students will be selected for MASEI 2009.


When is MAS-E Summer Institute? MAS-E is July –August 2010 MTWHF 8:00am-3:30pm at the HTHMA Electronics Lab in the Tree house at HTHMA.


What does a MAS-E intern do? This summer we will be designing and improving controls and hardware components for an underwater ROV (Remote operated vehicle) in collaboration with MIT for the AUVSI competition in August.   


An average MAS-E intern day could include the following:

7:00am An update and planning meeting with Karl at Starbucks

8:00am Teleconference with MIT concerning microcontroller wiring issues

9:00am Research microcontrollers and relays

10:25am Layout and build new solution to microcontroller wiring issue

12:00pm LUNCH

1:00pm Help controls sub team brainstorm about how to reduce the electromagnetic interference created by the bilge pump thrusters

3:00pm Test new microcontroller on an ROV in the testing tank

3:30ish pm Head home


Why should you attend MAS-E Summer Institute?

Scholarship Opportunities

This institute will give you a unique opportunity to learn about ROV’s and unmanned robotic devices and successful completion of the program will support the following scholarship applications:


University Connections

This program is acredited by UCSD Extension and a MIT


Advanced Research Opportunities

Students will be able to solve real world problems using engineering. Each student selected will be given the opportunity to delve deeply into variety of technical opportunities including: CAD modeling, BASIC computer programming, circuit design, statics, fluid dynamics, project management, machining, model building, engineering for reliability and efficiency and much more!


College Level Engineering Competition

We will be entering and competing in the following completion:

AUVSI and ONR's 12th International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition

28 July – 2 August 2010
Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center
San Diego, California, USA


How do I apply?

Please send an email to   that includes your application (see attached) by Ideal applicants will be able to complete 40 hours of project time per week.


Summer engineering institute acceptance notifications will go out by the 5th of May 2009. The institute will be provided free of charge for all qualifying students. Please note the MASEI director will be instructing summer courses concurrently with the MASEI program and will be supporting MASEI interns throughout the day as an engineering mentor not a full time instructor.


Congratulations on your accomplishment!  I look forward to reading your applications and seeing you discover, create and advance this summer at MASEI!




Karl R. C. Wendt

MASEI Program Director

2230 Truxtun Ln

San Diego, Ca 92106


Media Arts Summer Engineering Institute



MAS-E 2010

Summer Institute


Application Form   

Due April 30, 2010 5pm PST


1. Indicate your availability during the summer (i.e. vacations etc.)  Which days will you be unable to attend? 






2. Describe how MAS-E Summer Institute supports your academic and/or career interests. How would you like to support MAS-E SI’s ROV project? Please be specific.










3. Which area of engineering you are most interested in learning about?







Required Student and Parent Information

Name: ____________________________________________________

Email: ____________________________________________________

Birthday: __________________________________________________

Street Address: _____________________________________________

City: ______________________________________________________

Zip: ______________________________________________________

Home Phone: ______________________________________________

Mother’s Full Name:__________________________________________

Mother’s email: _____________________________________________

Father’s Full Name:__________________________________________

Father’s email: _____________________________________________

Mother’s Work Phone:________________________________________

Father’s Work Phone:_________________________________________



MAS-E Students

I, ______________________________ agree to work hard, be at the institute on time, keep a great                      attitude, be a team player, seek difficult answers to relevant questions, learn from my mistakes, call in advance if I cannot make a meeting and build some really cool stuff.  I understand that if I do not keep this pledge I may not be allowed to complete the MASEI program.



MAS-E Parents

I, ______________________________ agree to support my students efforts at MASEI by encouraging them, providing technical support (if possible) and attending their exhibition or completion.


My signature on this form indicates that I have read, I understand and I will abide by this document.




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